Mar 18

New website

SocRel New WebsiteThe SocRel website has been updated (we imagine that you noticed!) All the important information is still on here, but please let us know what you think and, even more importantly, if something you’d expect to be here isn’t working or is missing. You can contact us using the form here. If you have a burning nostalgia for the old site, you can still find it at old.socrel.org.uk.

We will continue to add information to the website, in particular details of members books, so please let us know if you’ve published something you would like mentioned on the site. This will also be the place to check for upcoming events. Obviously SocRel events will be posted here, but likewise if you are putting on events at your University and would like people to know, tell us and we’ll mention it here.

If you don’t want to check back daily, you can also subscribe to the SocRel jiscmail list here, or subscribe to the RSS feed (the orange button at the top of the screen).