Ashgate Book Series

The following titles are from the Ashgate-Socrel book series – click HERE to view the Ashgate webpage for this book series. Published annually, each book brings together a number of authors and themes from the relevant Sociology of Religion Study Group annual conference.


  • Book: Religion and Knowledge Religion and Knowledge Edited by Matthew Guest and Elisabeth Arweck Ashgate, 2012       This book addresses the relationship between religion and knowledge from a sociological perspective, taking both religion and knowledge as...
  • Book: Studying Religion and Society   Edited by Titus Hjelm and Phil Zuckerman Routledge, 2012 (Forthcoming) How do you study religion and society? In this fascinating book, some of the most famous names in the field explain how they go about their everyday work of studying...
  • Book: Religion and Youth Edited by Sylvia Collins-Mayo and Pink Dandelion (Ashgate, 2010). Religion and Youth presents an accessible guide to the key issues in the study of youth and religion, including methodological perspectives.
  • Book: Contemporary Christianity and LGBT Sexualities Edited by Stephen Hunt (Ashgate, 2009). This book explores these themes from a sociological perspective, addressing not only gay and lesbian sexualities, but also bi- and transgendered sexualities.
  • Book: Exploring Religion and the Sacred in a Media Age Edited by Christopher Deacy and Elisabeth Arweck (Ashgate, 2009). The authors examine topics such as media rituals, marketing strategies, empirical investigations of audience testimony, and the influence of religion on music, reality television and the internet.
  • Book: Women and Religion in the West: Challenging Secularization Edited by Kristin Aune, Sonya Sharma and Giselle Vincett (Ashgate, 2008). In the West, women are abandoning traditional religion. Yet they continue to make up the majority of religious adherents. Accounting for this seeming paradox is the focus of this volume.
  • Book: Religion and the Individual: Belief, Practice, Identity Edited by Abby Day (Ashgate, 2008). The individual's place within studies of religion has tended to be overlooked recently in favour of macro analyses. Religion and the Individual draws together authors from around the world to explore belief, practice and identity.
  • Book: A Sociology of Spirituality Edited by Kieran Flanagan and Peter C. Jupp (Ashgate, 2007; reissued in paperback, 2009). The emergence of spirituality in contemporary culture in holistic forms suggests that organised religions have failed. This thesis is explored and disputed in this book in ways that mark important critical divisions.
  • Book: Materializing Religion: Expression, Performance and Ritual Edited by Elisabeth Arweck and William Keenan (Ashgate, 2006). This book explores the lived experience of religion through its material expressions, demonstrating how religion and spirituality are given form and are thus far from being detached or ethereal.
  • Book: Reading Religion in Text and Context: Reflections of Faith and Practice in Religious Materials Edited by Elisabeth Arweck and Peter Collins (Ashgate, 2006). To what extent is religion inherently textual? What might the term 'textual' mean in relation to religious faith and practice? These are the two key questions addressed in this book.