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The study group organises a number of events and activities throughout the year, these are listed on this page. If you would like to organise an event with the study group, please use the form on the Contact Us page.


    Socrel invites proposals for an organising team, theme and venue for the Annual Conference in July 2016. If you would like to host Socrel’s next conference at your university or a suitable conference centre, we encourage you to submit a proposal by MAY 31st, 2015.

    This is an excellent opportunity to host a prestigious and fully-supported conference (including international keynotes and bursaries).


    Socrel is the Sociology of Religion Study Group of the British Sociological Association (BSA). It is the second largest study group in the BSA and has been in operation for 40 years. Socrel currently has over 200 active members and organises a range of events each year, including the annual conference, a Socrel response day focused on an issue of particular current relevance, and a study day for postgraduate and early career researchers. Socrel publishes one edited volume each year with Ashgate.

    The theme of a Socrel conference should be distinctive enough to form a focus for discussion, but broad enough to allow a wide range of sociologists of religion, postgraduates, and other scholars interested in social scientific study of religion to relate the conference to their own work. Over the last ten years Socrel conference themes have included “Foundations and Futures” (2015), religion and crisis (2014), material religion (2013), religion and inequalities (2012), religion and social theory (2011), the changing face of Christianity (2010), religion and knowledge (2009), religion and youth (2008), religion and media (2007) and religion and the individual (2006).

    The Annual Conference will take place over three days in early July. Socrel’s annual conferences attract 100-140 participants. Your venue should be able to provide lecture or seminar rooms for at least four parallel sessions and accommodation for at least 100 overnight guests.

    Your organising team will be supported by the Socrel committee and the BSA Events Team.

    Please visit http://socrel.org.uk/ for more information about this year’s conference and the group.



    Your proposal should include the following headings:

    1.      Conference title and theme, with an explanation (no more than 300 words) of why you believe this theme will make for an interesting and successful conference

    2.      Suggested dates for the conference, which should be held in July

    3.      Your proposed venue for the conference, including a brief explanation of why you believe this venue is appropriate

    4.       A list of the team members who will help you to organise this conference (the principal organisers must be Socrel members).

    5.       Suggested keynote speakers

    6.       A list of the major themes you hope to include among the conference presentations. What will people be talking about at your event?


    If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your ideas before submitting a formal proposal, please contact the Socrel Events Officer, Tim Hutchings, at tim.hutchings@gmail.com.

    Please submit your proposal by email to Tim Hutchings before MAY 31ST. The successful proposal will be selected by the Socrel Committee and announced at the next Socrel AGM in July.

  • Socrel 2015 Conference: Registration and Programme Now Available.

    Sociology of Religion Study Group (Socrel) Annual Conference

    Tuesday 7 – Thursday 9 July 2015 hosted by Kingston University London
    High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, UK

    11th May – Early bird registration closes 

    15th June – Registration closes

    Online Registration is now open.

    For further assistance please contact events@britsoc.org.uk, telephone: (0191) 383 0839.

    The conference programme is also available.

    Keynote Speakers:

    Professor Nancy T. Ammerman (Boston University)

    Professor James Beckford (University of Warwick)

    Professor Grace Davie (University of Exeter)

    Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray (Cardiff University)

    Professor Linda Woodhead (Lancaster University)

    Since its foundation in 1975, the Sociology of Religion Study Group has become one of the largest in the British Sociological Association (BSA). Its membership includes educators and researchers from across the UK and internationally, and in 2015 the Sociology of Religion Study Group will be celebrating 40 years!

    Given this occasion, it is an opportune moment to reflect on religion in society, and religion in sociology. From its foundation, Socrel has fore grounded research on secularisation, gender, spiritualities, embodied and lived accounts, materiality, generational innovations, atheism, social difference, migration, institutions, politicised expressions and methodologies in the study of religion. While this list does not account for all the many ways scholars have been investigating religion in social life – its various forms, intersections and spaces – it does speak to how religions continue to be important subjective and collective experiences that are stable and continuous, resistant and shifting. This conference will bring together scholars who have shaped and are shaping the discipline. It will be an opportunity to pay heed, not only to the Study Group’s and discipline’s accomplishments, but also an opportunity to address questions that are emerging to inform future agendas and areas of concern and study, such as:

    - What are the key points of continuity and innovation in theorising religion?

    - How are methodologies emerging and informing research on religion?

    - How are new approaches adapting and transforming old practices?

    - What are the key controversies that will occupy sociologists of religion?

    - What are the pedagogical challenges and innovations in teaching the sociology of religion?

    We invite you to celebrate with us by engaging in the conference questions from your particular area of research in the Sociology of Religion.
    The conference will take account of the needs of those observing Ramadan during the event. Please let us know if you have any special requirements in this regard.

    Should you have other questions about the conference please also contact the conference organisers, Dr Sylvie Collins-Mayo (Kingston University London), Dr Sonya Sharma (Kingston University London) and Dr Luke Doggett (Kingston University London), at socrel2015@gmail.com.

    There are also a number of sponsorship and marketing opportunities available at the Socrel annual conference – please click HERE to find out more.

    Socrel is the British Sociological Association’s study group on Religion. For more details about the study group and conference please visit www.socrel.org.uk.