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  • Sociology of Religion Study Group (SocRel) Annual Conference 2017

    On the Edge? Centres and Margins in the Sociology of Religion

    Wednesday 12th July – Friday 14th July 2017

    University of Leeds

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    Keynote Speakers

    Professor Bryan Turner (City University of New York)

    Professor Kim Knott (University of Lancaster)

    Professor Philip Mellor (University of Leeds)

    Professor Sarah Bracke (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

    Professor Nasar Meer (The University of Edinburgh)


    The Sociology of Religion, as a distinct sub-discipline, has had a complex relationship with ‘mainstream’ sociology including experiencing periods of centrality and marginalisation. Beginning as a chief concern of the founding fathers of the discipline, but later relegated to almost insignificance until the so-called ‘resurgence of religion’, these changing fortunes have contributed directly to scholarship that can be dynamic, multi-faceted and responsive. In our search to understand the roles for religion in contemporary society, as scholars we frequently draw on multi-disciplinary methodologies and share a disciplinary platform with geography, politics, social policy, theology, anthropology, history and literature, to name but a few.  But where does this leave the sociology of religion as a distinct discipline?

    The purpose of this conference is to investigate the boundaries and borders of sociologies of religion in an expansive and inclusive way. We want to ask, what do the centres of the sociology of religion look like in the 21st Century, and where are the margins and borders? Where are the new, and innovative subjects, methodologies and collaborations in our subject and how are they shaping the discipline?  How well do Sociologies of Religion intersect with other sociologies, such as of class, migration, ethnicity, sexuality and gender, and what are the effects? What about the geographical centres and margins of this historically Western-orientated sub-discipline, in our ever-changing world characterised by postcoloniality, globalisation and transnationalism? To what extent have any alternative Sociologies of Religion from the “edge”, to use a term proposed by Bender et al (2013), re-interpreted or re-configured the concerns of the centre? Importantly, what light does the Sociology of Religion shed on the more general study of centres and margins in religious and social settings/institutions and identities/subjectivities? Ultimately we want to question where these expansive and multi-directional boundaries leave us as ‘sociologists of religion’ and as a distinct study group and highlight the challenges and the opportunities.

    Conference Bursaries:

    A limited number of bursaries are available to support postgraduate, early career, low income or unwaged SocRel members to present at the conference. Please visit www.socrel.org.uk for instructions, and to download an application form, and submit your bursary application along with your abstract by 9th December 2016.

    All presenters must be members of SocRel.

    Selected authors will be asked to contribute to an edited volume.


    Upcoming dates:

    Early bird registration closes:  2nd June 2017

    Registration closes: 24th June 2017

    Please note that after Friday 2nd June 2017, a £50 late registration fee will apply to all bookings


    Wednesday, July 12th

    12.00 Registration and Lunch

    13.30 Welcome

    13.45 Keynote Plenary Session 1: Professor Bryan Turner (CUNY)

    15.00 Refreshments

    15.30 Parallel Sessions

    17.30 Refreshments

    17.45 Keynote Plenary Session 2: Professor Nasar Meer (University of Edinburgh)

    19.00 Wine Reception

    19.30 Dinner


    Thursday, July 13th

    08.15 Breakfast

    09.00 Parallel Sessions

    11.00 Refreshments

    11.30 Keynote Plenary Session 3: Professor Philip Mellor (University of Leeds)

    12.45 Lunch and Post Graduate Lunch

    13.30 SocRel Annual General Meeting

    14.30 Parallel Sessions

    16.30 Refreshments

    17.00 Keynote Plenary Session 4: Professor Kim Knott (University of Lancaster)

    18.15 Wine Reception

    19.00 Gala Dinner


    Friday , July 14, 2016

    08.15 Breakfast

    09.15 Parallel Sessions

    11.15 Refreshments

    11.30 Parallel Sessions

    13.30 Lunch

    14.30 Keynote Plenary Session 5: Dr Sarah Bracke (University of Amsterdam)

    15.45 Close of Conference


    Should you have other questions about the conference please also contact the conference organisers, Dr Caroline Starkey (University of Leeds) and Dr Jasjit Singh (University of Leeds) at socrel2017@gmail.com.

    For further details, visit the SocRel website: www.socrel.org.uk. For further details about the BSA visit www.britsoc.co.uk.